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I'm proud to serve several clients from across the United States. While most of my work comes from my awesome local community in Mid-Missouri, I am blessed to have made many wonderful connections in Colorado, Florida, New York, Washington, Texas, Kansas, Illinois, Minnesota, and more. As my client list builds, I am constantly reminded of the goodness in small business owners. 

Business is better when everyone involved in the design process feels heard. I strive to have heartfelt, authentic meetings with clients so that I can best serve their brand's aesthetic needs. I love color theory, typography, and the history of design – all elements that I bring to my design work.

As an artist, branding is an extension of my artist work. Having studied journalism and strategic communication in college, I bring marketing knowledge as well as technical expertise to the table. I am always down to brainstorm, mood board, talk through, and execute whatever ideas clients may have for their brands. 

Client: Missouri Democratic Party

Position: Assistant Digital & Creative Director 

While at the Missouri Democratic Party, I worked directly with the Digital and Creative director to create social media content, email campaigns, content calendars, and print material. After about a year with the party as an intern, I was promoted to Assistant Digital and Creative Director and eventually was appointed the Digital and Creative Director. While at MDP, I created content for the Democratic National Committee during the caucuses.

Design Work

Client: Wellness Resource Center

Position: Strategic Communication Director

While at the Wellness Resource Center, I created and oversaw campaigns raising awareness for healthy habits — from self care to smoking cessation. Initially, I began by managing the Center's social media presence. I created a 5 original graphics a week and short video content biweekly. From there, I would go on to establish annual events, facilitate focus groups, and hire on two assistants to help with a storytelling videography campaign and campus outreach. 

Client: True/False Film Festival

As a Mid-Missouri local, this international film festival is the pride and joy of central Missouri. Hosted in Columbia (a college town), this festival brings in documentary films, avant garde films, and musicians from across the globe. The festival also hosts DIY Day for high school students in the area to learn about the arts. I've designed the DIY Day informational booklet for four years in a row. In 2020, I was an instructor on the power of typography. 


Each DIY Day booklet included original portraits of speakers, maps, mazes, and a flip book. 

 all of the illustrations are of missour
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