Welcome! Heard you're wanting a portrait.

I can help! I use my iPad to create digital portraits.

Here's how it works:

Email or text me a photo for reference (or two, or three)... Please have clothes on.

Venmo me or Paypal me with the price as according to this guide (see below):

Venmo: @Adrienne-Luther // Paypal: aluther314@gmail.com

Checks also accepted, just text or email me about it!

1. The Simple Sketch – $10 per person/animal

These are quick, single-draft portraits drawn from reference photos. They have the least amount of detail.

Edits to these are generally not offered. I do not always stay within the lines. You may request it get trippy or weird.

Sent as a digital file, ready for your profile picture, logo, or insta post. 

Please note: these are sometimes offered for $1 on nights when someone "sponsors" me with a bottle of wine – follow my Instagram and you may be able to score a deal.

2. Basic Portrait – $20/1 person, $10/additional person/animal

These are portraits with some detail added. They take a bit longer than the sketchy $10 illustrations, as they are the product of a few drafts instead of one-n-done. They include details like multiple shades for depth, shirt patterns, merging of reference photos, and a single background color. I try to stay in the lines with these. Edits available for $30/hr. Sent as a printable PDF file - ready for print at your nearest Fedex.

3. The High Deets – $50/1 person + $30/additional person/animal

These are portraits for weddings, V-Day, and more. I give these the treatment – background color, shirt prints, additional designs (vines, floral patterns, etc.), any custom lettering... You name it. $50 for a first person, plus the additional $30 per additional character. Sent as a printable PDF ready for print at your nearest Fedex.


To keep costs low and to save my time so I can keep making instead of listening to soft rock in line at the print shop, I offer digital files  – sent straight to your email inbox. My files print best anywhere from 4x4 to 12x12. If you would like a custom size (4x6, 5x7...) just let me know! I usually make my files square so they can fit well on Instagram. Print on HEAVY cardstock – 80 lb or 100 lb. White. This will cost you less than $3 to do. Frames at Michaels are almost always 50% off, and if they're not – snag a 40% coupon here.

Need a Quote? Ready to get in touch? Hmu.

Music history, vintage fashion, astrology and philosophy – all that and more on my blog:

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