Design + Logos for Entrepreneurs and

Small Business • Serving Mid-Missouri

I am always accepting work from small businesses and entrepreneurs. To date, I've worked on nearly 100 local brands and have overseen brand development — from logos to color schemes, search engine optimization to social media strategies. I love getting to know aspiring brands and helping them score the design appeal they need to stay consistent and polished online.

Original Illustrations & Digital Portraits

When I'm not managing social channels and developing content and design, I'm drawing. I love to draw scenes from life and sketches of friends. I offer custom portraits and sometimes treat my Instagram followers to "dollar portrait" days. To find out what those are, follow my Instagram.

Custom Chalkboard Art • Hand Lettering

I specialize in handcrafted signage for special events and restaurants. Menu design, murals, custom chalkboard work – you name it. I love hand lettering special messages. Bogged down with addressing invitations? I can help you with those, too. Wanting something in between a large scale mural and addressing? Give me a shout.

Shirts and beanies, stickers and prints – all available in my shop. Free shipping always.

Looking for design help? Get in touch!

Music history, vintage fashion, astrology and philosophy – all that and more on my blog:

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Adrienne Luther

Graphic Design


Chalkboard Signage

Mural Work